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Introduction: ACU-TRU® Aluminum Wheel Repair, Rim Truing

Aluminum motorcycle wheel rim repair is our specialty from our experience of having repaired thousands of damaged Motorcycle rims, as well as numerous bent, torn, pothole dented and scratched motorcycle wheels.

Our ACU-TRU® service can correct lateral run out to within .010 for a smooth, safe ride. A bent wheel or rim that is rolled, smashed or gauged can be safely restored to like new condition in most cases through the use of low heat and high pressure. Digital measurements are taken at the start, and throughout the truing and refinishing process to insure each motorcycle wheel rim maintains structural integrity.

After a motorcycle wheel is tru and straight a self-etching epoxy primer is applied to promote adhesion and prevent corrosion of the bead seat. Next the required finish is applied to match the factory original look.

Motorcycle wheels requiring polishing are put through the same process as refinished chrome wheels, however additional steps are required to remove all binding agents, polish, primers and foreign matter prior to our show polish and application of our industrial clear coat. Finally, each motorcycle rim and wheel is oven baked for durability.

repair instructions

Company policy requires payment in full before any wheel repair work starts. Repairs can be completed within 24 hours of receipt by utilizing our Expedited Wheel Repair Service at additional charge. Call 1-800-941-6400 for more information.

All finishes are warranted for two years with the exception of custom chrome Motorcycle rim wheels that are backed by our one year guarantee.

ACU-TRU® service is guaranteed to restore your damaged motorcycle wheels and rims to their pre-accident condition.

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The Journey of a Cracked Motorcycle Wheel Repair in 4 Minutes

The Journey of a Bent Motorcycle Wheel Repair


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 1 - Task: tru and straighten a bent BMW motorcycle wheel. The wheel is received at our facility in Dayton, OH and ordered to be straightened, trued and sealed in house utilizing the ACU-TRU System. Stage 2 - Here is the same BMW wheel continuing through the ACU-TRU straightening process.

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 3 - With the intense straightening completed the truing begins. This video illustrates the wheel's progress just after completing the first stage of truing. Stage 4 - After the 2nd stage of truing, this wheel has received two coats of an industrial self etching primer to help eliminate any leaks that can occur in the future due to corrosion.

Stage 5


Stage 5 - This is the completed product. We applied a silver finish to the bead seats and barrel of the wheel after putting it through the full ACU-TRU wheel repair process. It will now perform as good as new and provide years of service at a fraction of the cost of a new BMW motorcycle wheel.  

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Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Rim Repair – Magnesium Alloy Motorcycle Wheel Restorations Reconditioning

ACU-TRU® Alloy Motorcycle rim repairs or recondition service is one of the fastest growing divisions in the company. With the success of the ACU-TRU® repair press, rim repair, wheel truing, bend correction,  and Motorcycle Rim finish standards we are able to correct the bent rim on a custom chrome Motorcycle rim wheel.

To avoid factory original rim wheel replacement costs. Aluminum alloy Motorcycle wheel rims can be restored to their pre-accident condition in most cases. Gravity Cast aluminum alloy or magnesium Motorcycle rims, forged alloy wheel rims, or a billeted Motorcycle wheels are sold or repaired at up to 50% of the list cost from the dealer.

The Wheel Warehouse Inc. maintains a complete inventory of factory original Car and automobile rim wheels and discounts them from our Kettering Ohio Warehouse. Our Restoration process meets or exceeds all the ACU-TRU® criteria safety and performance. Bent aluminum alloy car and auto rims & wheels can be repaired while you wait or within 24hrs. and the same day in most cases.

ACU-TRU® rim wheel straightening of car rim wheels and Motorcycle rims are guaranteed. Our wheel press will eliminate all run-out and vibration to provide a smooth safe ride. A Steel rim is a low cost option for winter wheel sets & replacements.  The ACU-TRU® repair press can correct lateral run-out found in most rim wheels and Motorcycle wheel hubs.  

Expedited Motorcycle rim repair!

ACU-TRU® Aluminum Motorcycle rim wheel repair standards for safety and smoothness of ride now available with same day turnaround, Ask for expedited service. (DISCOUNTED NEXT DAY AIR SHIPPING AVAILABLE).

Motorcycle Alloy wheel repairs are backed with an industry leading Two Year Finish Guarantee. All ACU-TRU® rim restorations exceed industry standards for structural integrity and smoothness of ride. Wheel repair tolerances are digitally maintained through-out the rim truing process.

Is Your Motorcycle Wheel Damaged

Magnesium and aluminum motorcycle wheels are damaged in many ways, most of which are repairable within certain parameters. The bent wheel may wobble side to side, hop, or could have a simple dent or bend on one or both sides.

double alloy rims

The Wheel Warehouse Inc adheres to ACU-TRU® wheel repair guidelines. The ACU-TRU® Motorcycle Wheel Repair System ensures quality and safety by double checking six categories.

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We repair bent wheels everyday at our shop and employ only the highest level of expertise and the most accurate methods. The use of special dies, forms, and fixtures ensure that your wheels and rotors, (factory or aftermarket) will be as good as new.

before and after

We also repair minor cosmetic bead and road rash damage. All repairs performed to factory service specifications or no additional fee.

"We strive to be the premiere motorcycle wheel straightening shop in the country" - Brian Hucke, CEO

With over ten years of experience repairing and Truing motorcycle wheels you'd be amazed at what we can restore. We guarantee our work. If we can't fix it there is no charge.

Cosmetic damage to the wheel is not uncommon. We use heat and hydraulic pressure to repair the wheel. We will try to save the finish, but we do not guarantee the finish will not be affected.

We service customers from all 50 states. Just send us the wheel and we will send it back! We utilize UPS ground for speedy return delivery.


"I was amazed at the quality of my straightened and refinished wheel. It looked brand new!" - Jonas P, Ohio

Motorcycle wheel rim repair or aluminum wheel restoration, has become a great alternative to Motorcycle wheel rim replacement ever since there have been aluminum Motorcycle wheels or Motorcycle rims made from aluminum alloy.

Safe and effective aluminum Motorcycle wheel straightening and repair can be performed thru our ACU-TRU® reconditioned wheel system which combines heat and pressure in an exacting balance for a safe rim restoration.

We can recondition Bent, torn, dented, scrapped, gouged, road rashed, and curbed Motorcycle wheels. Rim and wheel reconditioning is possible thru our Truing system which includes six check points for safety thus ensuring a smooth ride.

With one day turn a round for most alloy Motorcycle rim repairs we have become the industry leader with thousands of repair alloy wheels to our credit.

Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, BWW, Kawasaki, and many other Motor cycle wheel manufactures can benefit from our reconditioned alloy wheels. A refurbished aluminum wheel is as good in most cases as a factory restored alloy rim or wheel.

Remanufactured aluminum Motorcycle wheels are guaranteed to be Tru and Straight for performance.

If you choose to have your Motorcycle wheel put thru our recon process of Truing or bent repair the simplest way is to UPS us the damaged Motorcycle wheel part for Restoration.

Our ACU-TRU® aluminum wheel remanufacturing will save you money and get you back on the track in record time. Reconditioned aluminum Motorcycle rims look and perform as well as they did before they were a damaged aluminum Motorcycle wheel.