about us - the wheel warehouse Inc.

The Wheel Warehouse Inc. provides quality factory original wheels and rims to dealerships, body shops, and individuals across the United States. We have been in business for 15 years remanufacturing and refinishing wheels for automobiles and motor bikes. Utilizing the ACU-TRU® wheel and rim repair system, The Wheel Warehouse Inc. ensures the safety and comfort of its customers through enforcing the ACU-TRU® wheel repair standards.

ACU-TRU® rim wheel straightening of car rim wheels and Motorcycle rims are guaranteed. Our wheel press will eliminate all run-out and vibration to provide a smooth safe ride. A Steel rim is a low cost option for winter wheel sets & replacements.  The ACU-TRU® repair press can correct lateral run-out found in most rim wheels and Motorcycle wheel hubs.  

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