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Silver, Black, Polished and Chrome - We Can Repair Them All!

Can cosmetic damage occur as a result of the straightening process?

It is possible. We use heat and hydraulic pressure to repair your wheel. We do our best to preserve your finish, but our number one priority is to repair your wheel to exceed manufacture standards for safety.

Do you offer custom polishing and paint wheels?

Yes! Our facility repairs and refinishes wheels of all varieties everyday. We have certified painters on staff ready to match any painted finish you may have.


Can any and every wheel be repaired?

No, every wheel cannot be fixed, but most can. There is no charge for wheels we cannot fix.

Is the wheel weakened by the straightening process?

Rarely. Studies have shown that the ACU-TRU® wheel straightening process maintains the integrity of the wheel. With 15 years or wheel straightening experience, you can be sure that your wheel will perform well and provide years of smooth performance. Unlike steel, aluminum is known for it's recycling integrity in that it can be heated and re-heated without losing any structural integrity.

Why don't you use a lathe to get perfect run out?

Some others wheel companies get a wheel close and than machine the bead down to get "perfect" run out.  We don't recommend the process for two reasons. 

1.  Removing material to get better run out gives you a thinner wheel, which can be prone to fracturing and can obviously only be done a few times.  Wheels repaired with our process can be repaired again and again.  Just ask some of the stunt riders we sponsor.  Those guys know how to bend a wheel.

2.  It's cheating!  If we can't fix the damage to a wheel, we don't "sweep" the damage under the carpet!

Who do you recommend to ship wheels through?

Customers are welcome to use any postal carrier. UPS is recommended as we receive UPS orders daily.

Ship your wheels with a note; containing your name, address and telephone number to:


4600 Gateway Circle

Dayton, OH 45440

local phone - (937) 291-2332

toll free - (800) 941-6400

fax - (937) 291-9862 - click to visit

How long have you been doing this?

For 15 years .  Long enough to master the side to side bends that no one else seems to be able to fix.  See about us to learn more about our wheel straightening history.

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The Wheel Warehouse Inc.
4600 Gateway Circle
Dayton, OH 45440
local (937) 291-2332
toll free (800) 941-6400
fax (937) 291-2332